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Terms & Conditions for Tincknell Fuels

Premier Monthly Saver Terms and Conditions

Tincknell Fuels Ltd provide their Premier Monthly Saver Scheme as a way to help you, the customer, to spread the cost of your fuel bill.

The monthly amount to be paid is set by you, to an amount that you can afford. This amount can be paid by direct debit or by card payments over the phone.

Direct debits are usually collected on 5th of each month. We can provide some alternative dates for collection, please speak to our accounts department.

When placing an order for fuel, we will deduct the credit balance from the cost of your order. If the balance is not enough to cover the full cost of the oil we would ask you to pay the balance on a card to enable the order to be completed.

As this is a savings account for your fuel, you are free to request a refund of all or part of your credit balance at any time. If requesting a refund please be aware that if there is a shortfall in funds when you next order then you will need to pay this.

In the event of you permanently vacating your property, please contact us so that we can refund any credit balance and close your account.