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Farm Fuel Deliveries

Fuels for the Farming Community

Since 1954 Tincknell Fuels have been delivering fuel to the rural community, across the South West region. We cover the length and breadth of Somerset, Dorset and Wiltshire along with parts of Gloucestershire.

At Tincknell Fuels we pride ourselves in being an independent Family run business. With our extensive fleet of tankers and experienced depot staff, we believe we are able to provide a fast and efficient service to our farming community at competitive prices

What Fuels do Tincknells Supply?

  • Red diesel (gas oil) for the running of agricultural machinery and tractors, to meet your requirements. Our minimum delivery is 500L, alternatively you can collect a 205L barrel from one of our depots.
  • Tincknell Supreme Gas Oil (TSGO) contains an advanced fuel additive. It prevents deposit formation throughout the fuel delivery system, especially in the injectors and fuel pump, to keep the system clean and running at optimum performance. Click here to find out more.
  • Kerosene (28 sec) which can be used for the central heating system of your farmhouse or to power some modern farm equipment such as grain dryers. Minimum delivered quantity of 500L, alternatively you can collect 205L barrels or emergency 25L containers from our depots.
  • White diesel (derv) for the operation of road vehicles. Mimimum delivered quantity of 900L.
  • Red diesel (gas oil) additives. We stock several additives for red diesel; Tincknell Anti-Bug Prevention Additive, Tincknell Diesel Anti-Wax Additive and Tincknell Supreme Fuel Store Plus Additive. To find out more visit our Additives section.