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Tincknell Diesel Anti-Wax Additive

Extra protection for those winter months

Oil refineries do produce a winter fuel for the cold winter months. However they only produce this between 15th November and 15th March. This winter fuel can take a couple of weeks to filter through to customers.

Tincknell Diesel Anti-Wax Additive is formulated to improve the cold flow and handling properties of both Gas Oil and Derv.

Features of Diesel Anti-Wax

  • It boosts the fuel's resistance to waxing
  • It allows operation at colder temperatures than the fuel specification
  • It inhibits the formation of wax crystals
  • It reduces the potential for filter plugging
  • It works with the maximum allowable FAME contents

Adding Diesel Anti-Wax additive to your fuel in advance as a preventative measure will provide extra protection down to approx -20°C if required (these additives will not work if the wax has already dropped out).

Tincknell Diesel Anti-Wax Additive Data Sheet