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Tincknell Anti-Bug Prevention Additive

Help to prevent bug formation

Due to the increase of Biodiesel within Gas Oil, we are finding that many farmers are having an increased problem with water in their fuel which can then lead to bugs in the fuel.

Features of Tincknell Anti-Bug Prevention Additive:

  • It is a Broad spectrum additive covering a variety of bacteria, viruses, fungi and yeasts
  • It has an immediate effect and does not add to sludge or slime build-up
  • Clean-up rates are 24-36 hours
  • It eliminates plugging of filters and gauges
  • It protects against tank and pipe corrosion
  • It does not adversely affect fuel combustion or emissions quality
  • It is fully compatible with steels, aluminium and zinc and with polyethylene and polypropylene
  • It has no adverse effect on waste water systems or municipal sewage treatment

Tincknell Anti-Bug Prevention Additive Data Sheet